Anything Is Possible - MP3

Anything Is Possible is an amazing song with beautiful and inspirational lyrics that evoke a powerful message of hope and believing in your abilities to reach your dreams. Just Keep the Faith!!! My first music project was made possible by the outstanding production team of Ripple Studios:  William Rodriguez (Producer/Engineer),  Del Davis (Co-Producer/Keyboard), Justin Capps (Drums)  and the incredibly talented voice of Destinee Rodriguez (Background Vocals).

Daddy's Little Girl - MP3

Daddy’s Little Girl is an original song that I wrote about father and daughter relationships. When I wrote this song, I envisioned Fathers of all ages and Daughters of all ages dancing to this song as a tribute to the birth of their daughters and in recognition of great fathers. I also foresee Daddy’s Little Girl becoming the theme song for the Father/Daughter dance at weddings, sweet sixteen parties and family celebrations. It is a song that the entire family can enjoy while creating beautiful memories. This project was made possible by Gabrielle Bri Pinkney (lyrics, lead vocals and background vocals), Sharon Davidson Cook (background vocals), Michael LeMelle (voice of the Father), Del Davis (Music Producer) and Ripple Studios (Music Engineer).