Gabrielle Bri Pinkney is a Teen Recording Artist from Hampton Roads.  She is a Fashion Print Model that has graced the runways of New York Fashion Week and Virginia Fashion Week.  To add to her professional skill sets, Gabrielle is also a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Actress and Songwriter. Gabrielle features fashion photoshoots on Instagram and her Fashion and Lifestyle Blog that inspire girls and teens to embrace their beauty from the inside out.  It is a positive forum to encourage young ladies of all ages to love the skin they are in.  The blog is a snapshot of Gabrielle's favorite fashion styles and photo shoots. Gabrielle believes all women should feel beautiful. #BRIgorgeous 

Her official YouTube channel has over 24,000 views. Bri is an official member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).  She shares her passion for music and the arts through the many live stage performances, community events and social media videos that she has been featured in.  Her songs evoke powerful messages of hope with a Pop, Old School R&B feel. She is wise beyond her years and uses her voice to change the world and make a difference one song at a time.  Gabrielle's original songs are a collection of family-friendly songs that can add fun to family time.  The lyrics to these songs teach valuable lessons that every generation in the household can relate to.

Bri has an amazing voice and Anything Is Possible is beautiful with a positive message.  Gabrielle Bri Pinkney is multi-talented with an incredible voice to make a difference in this world. She loves singing songs that encourage and inspire people. Anything Is Possible is her first single.  She has been blessed with the gift to write songs and a voice to use the words of her songs to bring love, hope and peace to the world.  This is her first music project and it was made possible by Hampton Roads music engineer of Ripple Studios:  William Rodriguez (Producer/Engineer),  Del Davis of Destiny Music & Recording Group (Co-Producer/Keyboard), Justin Capps (Drums)  and the incredibly talented voice of Destinee Rodriguez (Background Vocals). 

Daddy’s Little Girl is an original song that Bri wrote about father and daughter relationships. When she wrote this song, She envisioned Fathers of all ages and Daughters of all ages dancing to this song as a tribute to the birth of their daughters and in recognition of great fathers. She hopes Daddy’s Little Girl will become the theme song for the Father/Daughter dance at weddings, sweet sixteen parties and family celebrations. It is a song that the entire family can enjoy while creating beautiful memories. This project was made possible by Gabrielle Bri Pinkney (lyrics; lead vocals and background vocals), Sharon Davidson Cook (background vocals), Michael LeMelle (voice of the Father), Del Davis (Music Producer) and Ripple Studios (Music Engineer).


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